Pambianco’s Summit meetings are events that bring together top corporate managers in the industry to which the conference is dedicated (fashion, design, beauty) to discuss and tackle certain crucial issues for the future of the industry. They have now become a reference for entrepreneurs and executives, and they are often the setting for major announcements that get previewed to the Summit audience in advance.

There are three Pambianco conferences a year: Fashion Summit, Design Summit, and Beauty Summit.

For 25 years they have been organised in the prestigious premises of Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, in Piazza Affari in Milan.

The conferences provide insights from entrepreneurs, managers, and opinion leaders to a live audience of 500 people that includes top figures from the world of politics as well as international journalists. In addition to the live audience, the Summits reach thousands of professional readers of the Pambianco newsletters every year via live streaming.

The Summits are recognised as ‘must-attend’ events–both for the insights they provide and the networking opportunities they offer. In addition to providing a forum for debate among insiders on the most topical issues, they are also an irreplaceable source of data and perspectives for the press, thanks to the presentation of surveys conducted by Pambianco’s Consulting/Market Research division and by renowned research institutes.