Pambianco follows high ethical standards in its day-to-day practise.


Pambianco’s key values include:


– Respect for ideas

– Passion and professionalism

– Transparency in behaviour and respect for rules


In accordance with these values, Pambianco:


  1. Commits to always act in a correct, transparent and verifiable manner in all the relationships it develops in the exercise of its activities.
  2. Respects the rights as well as the physical, cultural and moral integrity of all women and men with whom it interacts.
  3. Acknowledges the importance of human resources as the primary success factor in its economic activity, within a framework of mutual loyalty and trust.
  4. Is actively devoted to fostering the professional growth of its employees and to recognising their personal and professional merits.
  5. Respects all health and safety regulations at work and guarantees its employees and collaborators a safe and comfortable environment in the performance of their activities.
  6. Actively endeavours to ensure that its employees and collaborators comply with privacy regulations when carrying out their work.
  7. Promotes the protection of the environment by actively committing itself to ensure full compliance with current environmental legislation as applicable in the performance of its activities.
  8. Constantly strengthens and protects the credibility and honour of its brand, in whatever sphere of activity it is used, and recognises the central role this plays for its own success.

The principles listed on this page are an integral part of the company’s code of ethics, procedures and regulations. We are committed to following each and every one of them in our everyday business.