Pambianco offers marketing studies to companies, allowing them understand their positioning, define their brand equity, and decide, on the basis of these results, the most appropriate development strategies.


This research is carried out in specific market sectors as well as among end consumers.


The main areas in which Pambianco operates are Italy, Europe, Russia, the USA, Japan, and China. In all these countries, Pambianco collaborates with local consulting companies or individual consultants.


Pambianco uses benchmarking tools in order to compare client companies with competitors in critical success areas, thus improving company performance and charting a path to the top.

Benchmarking takes several aspects into account:

– Competitors’ sales and market shares

– Supply structure and sales prices

– Organisation in specific business areas

– Distribution policies (own and/or third-party shops)

– Investments in communication and types of media used

– Management remuneration levels

– Economic/financial performance